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Product style: E4736

1.7 dwt
2pc. 2-6x6 Cushions, 24-5pt

This is the style detail page. There is the basic information about the style as well as some matching styles we have. The weight displayed is approximate for 14k Gold. If you highlight it, you can see approximate weights for the other metals we cast in. If you highlight the main picture you can see it in more detail. And, as usually, highlighting different sections on the page will give you more information. If you need additinal assistance, please contact us.

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Style Description T.W. Weight Catalog/Page Image
E4564 2pc. 2-1ct, 20-10pt   2.1 dwt* 30/G409
E4576 2pc. 2-1ct, 22-5pt   1.7 dwt* 30/G409
E4633 2pc. 2-7x5 Ovals, 20-5pt 3.00 ct** 1.5 dwt* 30/G410
E4670 2pc. 2-7x5 Ovals, 20-7pt 3.40 ct** 2.1 dwt* 30/G410
C14395 1-6x6 Cushion, 12-5pt 0.60 ct** 1.1 dwt* 26/1322
24936L 1-6x6 Cushion, 12-5pt 0.60 ct** 2.8 dwt* 30/G181
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E4733 2pc. 2-4½x4½ Cushions, 16-5pt   1.6 dwt* 26/1324
E4732 2pc. 2-4x4 Cushions, 16-5pt   0.9 dwt* 30/G431
E4735 2pc. 2-5½x5½ Cushions, 16-10pt   2.1 dwt* 26/1324
E4734 2pc. 2-5x5 Cushions, 16-10pt   2.1 dwt* 26/1324
E4813 2pc. 2-6x6 Cushions, 24-3pt 0.72 ct** 1.8 dwt* 26/1324
E4737 2pc. 2-6½x6½ Cushions, 24-5pt   1.9 dwt* 26/1324
E4803 2pc. 2-6x6 Cushions, 32-1pt 0.32 ct** 1.5 dwt* 26/1324
E4738 2pc. 2-7x7 Cushions, 24-5pt   2.5 dwt* 26/1324
E4739 2pc. 2-8x8 Cushions, 24-10pt   2.9 dwt* 26/1324

*Weight is approximate and are based on 14K Yellow Gold.
**Approximate stone total weight.

All weights are approximate
Gold-14k-Yellow 1.7 dwt
Gold-14k-White 1.7 dwt
Gold-14k-Pink 1.7 dwt
Gold-18k-Yellow 2.0 dwt
Gold-18k-White 2.0 dwt
Gold-18k-Pink 2.0 dwt
Platinum-Cobalt 2.8 dwt
Platinum-Ruthenium 2.8 dwt