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Product style: C13064

1.8 dwt
2pc. Initials ½pt
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This is the style detail page. There is the basic information about the style as well as some matching styles we have. The weight displayed is approximate for 14k Gold. If you highlight it, you can see approximate weights for the other metals we cast in. If you highlight the main picture you can see it in more detail. And, as usually, highlighting different sections on the page will give you more information. If you need additinal assistance, please contact us.

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Style Description T.W. Weight Catalog/Page Image
C13252 2pc. Anchor 14-½pt 0.07 ct** 1.8 dwt* 30/G338
C13251 2pc. Bone 9-½pt 0.05 ct** 1.9 dwt* 30/G329
C13417 2pc. Boy 18-½pt 0.09 ct** 1.9 dwt* 30/G349
C13445 2pc. Butterfly 22-½pt 0.11 ct** 1.8 dwt* 30/G326
C13451 2pc. Cat 29-½pt 0.15 ct** 1.7 dwt* 30/G330
C13176 2pc. Chai 18-½pt 0.09 ct** 1.5 dwt* 22/1232
C13165 2pc. Cross 12-½pt 0.06 ct** 1.6 dwt* 30/G448
C13238 2pc. Crown 17-½pt 0.09 ct** 1.7 dwt* 22/1232
C13455 2pc. Dog 24-½pt 0.12 ct** 1.9 dwt* 30/G329
C13453 2pc. Dove 6-½pt 0.03 ct** 1.8 dwt* 23/1249
C13291 2pc. Evil Eye 8-½pt 0.04 ct** 2.3 dwt* 22/1232
C13196 2pc. Fleur de Lis 17-½pt 0.09 ct** 1.4 dwt* 30/G342
C13416 2pc. Girl 19-½pt 0.10 ct** 1.9 dwt* 30/G349
C13175 2pc. Hand of God 25-½pt 0.13 ct** 1.7 dwt* 22/1232
C13167 2pc. Happy Face 10-½pt 0.05 ct** 1.5 dwt* 22/1232
C13133 2pc. Heart 18-½pt 0.09 ct** 1.6 dwt* 30/G353
C13192 2pc. Horseshoe 14-½pt 0.07 ct** 1.4 dwt* 30/G346
C13448 2pc. Ice Skate 5-½pt 0.03 ct** 1.9 dwt* 23/1249
C14156 2pc. Lowercase Alphabet Discs ¼pt   0.8 dwt* 30/G248
C13502 2pc. Musical Note 18-½pt 0.09 ct** 2.4 dwt* 30/G386
C13441 2pc. Musical Note 19-½pt 0.10 ct** 2.1 dwt* 30/G386
C13241 2pc. Ohm Sign 24-½pt 0.12 ct** 1.7 dwt* 22/1232
C13298 2pc. Palm Tree 14-½pt 0.07 ct** 2.1 dwt* 30/C334
C13250 2pc. Paw Print 10-½pt 0.05 ct** 1.9 dwt* 30/G328
C13132 2pc. Peace Sign 29-½pt 0.15 ct** 1.5 dwt* 30/G347
C13123 2pc. Ribbon 4-1pt, 8-½pt 0.08 ct** 1.7 dwt* 30/G369
C13287 2pc. Skull 15-½pt 0.08 ct** 1.8 dwt* 30/G487
C13478 2pc. Snowflake 43-½pt Large Version 0.21 ct** 2.4 dwt* 23/1249
C13477 2pc. Snowflake Large Version   3.1 dwt* 23/1249
C13197 2pc. Star 20-½pt 0.10 ct** 1.4 dwt* 22/1232
C13236 2pc. Starfish 16-½pt 0.08 ct** 1.7 dwt* 30/G336
C13177 2pc. Star of David 24-½pt 0.12 ct** 1.6 dwt* 22/1232
C13463 2pc. Teddy Bear 43-½pt 0.21 ct** 3.2 dwt* 23/1249
C13279 2pc. Wishbone 11-½pt 0.06 ct** 1.8 dwt* 30/G345
C13198 2pc. XO 19-1pt Large Version 0.19 ct** 2.2 dwt* 22/1232
C13237 2pc. XO 19-½pt Small Version 0.10 ct** 1.9 dwt* 22/1232
C13456 2pc. XO 20-2pt 0.42 ct** 5.2 dwt* 30/G359
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C13294 2pc. 15mm Disc   1.9 dwt* 30/G296
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C13281 2pc. Bone   1.8 dwt* 30/G329
C13223 2pc. Cross   1.6 dwt* 30/G448
C13224 2pc. Fleur de Lis   1.7 dwt* 30/G342
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This style was recently added. Please login in to view it.
C13232 2pc. Happy Face   1.6 dwt* 22/1232
C13193 2pc. Heart   1.5 dwt* 30/G353
C13233 2pc. Horseshoe   1.7 dwt* 30/G346
C13063 2pc. Initials   1.7 dwt* 30/G247
C15258 2pc. Love Face Emoji   1.8 dwt* 30/G246
C14279 2pc. Lowercase Alphabet Discs   0.8 dwt* 30/G248
C13501 2pc. Musical Note   1.9 dwt* 30/G386
C13908 2pc. Number Series 0-12 Available   1.7 dwt* 30/G287
C13240 2pc. Ohm Sign   1.7 dwt* 30/G389
C13253 2pc. Paw Print   1.9 dwt* 30/G328
C13231 2pc. Peace Sign   1.7 dwt* 30/G347
C13119 2pc. Ribbon   1.6 dwt* 30/G369
C13479 2pc. Snowflake   1.4 dwt* 23/1249
C13235 2pc. Star   1.7 dwt* 22/1232
C13230 2pc. Star of David   1.7 dwt* 22/1232
C13462 2pc. Teddy Bear   3.2 dwt* 23/1249
C13234 2pc. XO   1.7 dwt* 22/1232
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FND1096 Circle Bale   0.4 dwt* 30/G493
FND776 Jump Ring 6mm   0.2 dwt* 21/1208

*Weight is approximate and are based on 14K Yellow Gold.
**Approximate stone total weight.

All weights are approximate
Gold-14k-Yellow 1.8 dwt
Gold-14k-White 1.8 dwt
Gold-14k-Pink 1.8 dwt
Gold-18k-Yellow 2.2 dwt
Gold-18k-White 2.2 dwt
Gold-18k-Pink 2.1 dwt
Platinum-Cobalt 3.0 dwt
Platinum-Ruthenium 3.0 dwt