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Product style: 27345L

3.9 dwt
2-35pt, 16-2pt
Stone T.W.:
1.02 ct**

This is the style detail page. There is the basic information about the style as well as some matching styles we have. The weight displayed is approximate for 14k Gold. If you highlight it, you can see approximate weights for the other metals we cast in. If you highlight the main picture you can see it in more detail. And, as usually, highlighting different sections on the page will give you more information. If you need additinal assistance, please contact us.

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Style Description T.W. Weight Catalog/Page Image
C15221 2-10pt, 10-1pt 0.30 ct** 1.6 dwt* 30/G202
C15210 2-10pt, 18-½pt 0.29 ct** 1.1 dwt* 30/G202
C15222 2-15pt, 10-1½pt 0.45 ct** 2.1 dwt* 30/G202
27343L 2-15pt, 20-1pt 0.50 ct** 2.7 dwt* 30/G196
27379L 2-1¼ct, 12-4pt 2.98 ct** 4.9 dwt* 30/G196
27378L 2-1ct, 12-4pt 2.48 ct** 4.6 dwt* 29/R113
27380L 2-1½ct, 12-5pt 3.60 ct** 6.0 dwt* 30/G196
C15223 2-20pt, 10-2pt 0.60 ct** 2.8 dwt* 30/G202
C15224 2-25pt, 10-2pt 0.70 ct** 3.4 dwt* 30/G202
27460L 2-25pt, 12-1.5pt 0.68 ct** 2.5 dwt* 30/G197
27344L 2-25pt, 18-1½pt 0.77 ct** 3.2 dwt* 30/G196
27455L 2-25pt, 2-5pt, 2-4pt, 2-3pt, 2-2pt, 6-1½pt 0.87 ct** 2.8 dwt* 30/G197
27351L 2-30pt, 22-2pt 1.04 ct** 4.1 dwt* 30/G196
C15225 2-35pt, 10-3pt 1.00 ct** 4.1 dwt* 30/G202
27375L 2-40pt, 10-2pt 1.00 ct** 5.5 dwt* 30/G200
27520L 2-40pt, 16-2pt 1.12 ct** 4.0 dwt* 29/R113
27346L 2-55pt, 14-3pt 1.52 ct** 4.4 dwt* 30/G196
C15220 2-5pt, 10-½pt 0.15 ct** 1.0 dwt* 30/G202
27539L 2-6pt, 26-0.5pt 0.25 ct** 2.3 dwt* 30/G196
27347L 2-75pt, 12-4pt 1.98 ct** 4.6 dwt* 30/G196
C15209 2-8pt, 10-½pt 0.21 ct** 0.9 dwt* 30/G202
27342L 2-8pt, 26-½pt 0.29 ct** 2.4 dwt* 30/G196
27576L 2pc. 2-25pt, 18-1.5pt 0.77 ct** 3.3 dwt* 30/G196
27577L 2pc. 2-35pt, 16-2pt 1.02 ct** 4.0 dwt* 30/G196
27479L 2pc. 2-35pt, 34-2pt Engagement Set 1.38 ct** 6.9 dwt* 30/G196
27573L 2pc. 2-6pt, 26-0.5pt 0.25 ct** 2.4 dwt* 30/G196
E5197 2pc. 4-10pt, 20-1pt 0.60 ct** 2.9 dwt* 30/G202
E5198 2pc. 4-15pt, 20-1½pt 0.90 ct** 4.0 dwt* 30/G202
E5199 2pc. 4-20pt, 20-2pt 1.20 ct** 4.8 dwt* 30/G202
E5200 2pc. 4-25pt, 20-2pt 1.40 ct** 5.9 dwt* 30/G202
E5196 2pc. 4-5pt, 20-½pt 0.30 ct** 1.8 dwt* 30/G202
27407L 2-4x4 Squares, 16-2pt 1.12 ct** 4.2 dwt* 30/G197
27384L 2-7x5 Ovals, 16-2pt 2.30 ct** 4.1 dwt* 30/G197

*Weight is approximate and are based on 14K Yellow Gold.
**Approximate stone total weight.

All weights are approximate
Gold-14k-Yellow 3.9 dwt
Gold-14k-White 3.9 dwt
Gold-14k-Pink 3.9 dwt
Gold-18k-Yellow 4.7 dwt
Gold-18k-White 4.7 dwt
Gold-18k-Pink 4.5 dwt
Platinum-Cobalt 6.4 dwt
Platinum-Ruthenium 6.4 dwt